Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raspberry Pi - Lego case for XBMC Media Center

Last night I was getting the den cleaned out and marking things for a garage sale. I was going to put my old tube TV up for sale. Then I had a better idea.

I went and grabbed my Raspberry Pi and a memory card. I shot over to OPENELEC.TV and grabbed the RPi version of XBMC.

After a little work formating the sd card, loading the image and scrounging for wires and adapters I had everything I needed.

I put a quick lego case together and BOOM, my lovely daughter has her own media center.

Then the next problem. All of the R rated movies.

Quick fix. I simply created a new folder called "KID FRIENDLY" in my movies folder on my XBMC media server in the living room and moved her movies into there. I pointed the Raspberry Pi at only that folder.


  1. Thanks. I'm posting a video of my whole house media setup sometime in the next week. Check back.

  2. I approve, now I need to get my own already...