Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games - A Quickie Movie Review

Saw The Hunger Games. I feel like the movie was good, and of the parts of the book that they left in, they did really well.  The actors did a really good job.  I especially like Stanley Tucci's character Caesar Flickerman.  A lot of the internal conflict that you get to see in the book is left out, but I feel like they did a good job with what they did leave in.  I think it is one of those situations where it's like "Enjoy the movie? Would you like to know more? Read the book."

I think the movie might be a little hard to follow if you haven't read the book.  I think they tried to cram a lot of story in a short movie.

Worth seeing though.

Also, if you like the concept of teens forced to fight to the death and have a little stronger stomach for violence, check out Battle Royale.

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