Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Minecraft Island Seed Challenge 2

I have a new island seed for Minecraft 1.0.0


Be sure and check out our minecraft seed submission form an seed list

This seed starts you off in an island biome, above some great underground mine shafts and ravines.  But the best part is you start of really close to a mushroom biome. Pictures below.

The challenge:
Get to the mainland via bridge, or underground. (NO BOATS)
build town with wheat farm, cane farm, Library with at least 10 bookshelves, and a castle at least 20 x x20, with a working drawbridge or portcullis

Send screenshots to admin@goldsborogeeks.com

This is directly above spawn.

As you can see from co-ordinates (top left) - this mushroom biome is very close to spawn.

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