Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minecraft Island Challenge

Ok Minecrafters. I have a challenge for you.

1.8 seed
Enter the seed -4176549009549710992 and make it a survival map on hard.

1.9 seed

If you die, you have to delete the map and start over.

Please post you stories of survival in the comments.  If you want me to post pictures send them to me

Let's see what you are made of.

Pro-tip for this map.
1. Make a hoe
2. Plant those saplings
3. Fish may be your only food source


  1. this a 1.8.1 seed if you use the releases for 1.9 then you will be in a swamp

  2. Thank you for the info Avatar_Craze.

  3. o creeps how i hate thee so
    Had a good game going.. Creep comes in through a hold enderman made....

  4. So had a good world going again a creep spawns INSIDE my keep full of torches and explodes killing me with out me ever seeing it... WTF