Monday, September 5, 2011

The New 52 from a newbie perspective

I am new to comic books, I just started reading back in May when the Flashpoint event kicked off.  I had always been interested in the stories, but when I would pick up a book I was mostly just lost.  There is so much back story and history between characters that the writers and other reader just assume you know.  A typical discussion would go like this.

Me: I just read "Comic Name Here" # 234 and I don't get why "This Character" did "Action"

Other person: Oh, they explain that whole thing in issues 195-199.

Me:  Cool. I'll read that too.


Me: Okay, I now understand that "Action" but who is "Other Character"

Other person: Oh his story is explained in this other comic book issues 127-135.

Me: Okay I guess I'll read that too.

Other person: Oh that is out of print, so you are going to have to find copies of it somewhere, and since it is out of print it is gonna be hard to find and/or extremely expensive.



This is what put me off of comics for the longest time.

On August 31st DC released the first of "The New 52".  Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.
This is a perfect time to get into comics.  I feel like I can get a fresh start and not feel so overwhelm by 900+ issues of back story.
There are 52 titles getting a "reboot" while I can't afford to read them all I will definitively be subscribing to allot of them.
There is a huge buzz around these new books and after reading Justice League #1 I can see why, the story is pace very well and it seems like it is go to slowly introduce characters instead of just having them all together from page 1.

Justice League #1 review: (may be a little spoilery)
JL 1 starts out with Batman being chased by what seems to be Gotham's swat team while he chasing a bad guy.  He gets in a pinch and is rescued by The Green Lantern.  The heroes seem to be wanted by the cops/government.  Apparently this is before they have proven them selves as the good guys in the public eye. GL and Batman find a mysterious thingy and decide to go find Superman.  There is also some Victor Stone story tossed in so I guess Cyborg is going to be a part of this adventure.  I love the comments that get made back and forth by GL and Batman, who don't seem to have any kind of respect for each other at this point. The art is amazing, and the last page insures that I will continue reading this book for at least another few issues.

Please leave comments about what you think about Justice League #1 and what you think about the reboot as a whole. I would especially like to hear from people who have been reading comics for more than a few months.

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