Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goldsboro Innistrad League

Innistrad League
Innistrad League will be a weekly sealed deck tournament using only Innistrad cards and culminating in a 8* player tournament with a chance to win a box!*

The league will begin Monday October 3 and run through November 14. All league matches will be held at Heroes Are Here, located at:
208 South Berkeley Boulevard, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (by the Air Base front gate)

The sealed league will consist of an initial 6 packs which each player will use to construct a 40 card sealed deck. Each week you will purchase additional packs to add to your sealed pool (1 pack the first week, 2 packs the second, 1 pack the third week…etc). Players are encouraged to trade cards to create more optimal decks. However, all trades must be made on the basis of rarity for rarity (rare/mythic for a rare/mythic, uncommon for uncommon, etc). So at the end of the league all players will have the same number of cards of each rarity. All card pools will be kept on site to prevent sealed pool alterations. If a player wants to use a card from their league deck outside of league play, they can, but will forfeit use of that card for the duration of the league.

Weekly matches will begin at 7:30 on Mondays with 3 rounds of play. Each round will be 50 minutes and be played best 2 out of 3. Players may play any other league member, but may not play the same person twice until they have played each other member once. Points will be given out on a scale of 3 points per win, 1 point per draw and 0 points per loss.  If you cannot make the Monday night event, a weekly makeup date will be set for you to get points.

At the end of the league we will tally up the points and the top 8* will play a single elimination tournament for the championship and the prize!

If you miss a week, you may purchase the packs you missed, but you may not make up the matches you missed. If you join the league after the start date you may purchase all the packs you missed and you will be awarded the AVERAGE points for the weeks you missed. But to be eligible to win the prize, you must play in at least 3 weeks of league play.

League admittance is $24/player (for the initial 6 packs) with weekly packs being $4 each. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Chinco at or 252-347-5509.
*Prizes and tournament structure based on player attendance

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