Sunday, April 3, 2011

Comic Books and the Law

Law and the Multiverse is a blog by a couple of lawyers who have decided to tackle some huge legal issues from comics and other fictional realms.  They take on such burning questions as

"Given that an American superhero like Superman can be a tremendously valuable military asset, as both a frontline combat supersoldier and as a propaganda tool, is there any legal basis for the U.S. government to conscript Superman, specifically, into the Armed Forces?  What about drafting all superheroes in general?  Is there any legal way for Superman and other superheroes to ‘dodge the draft'?".

They don't deal with issues that take place on other planets or in space because researching intergalactic law can be extremely expensive. Very interesting stuff and great conversation fodder for your next trip to Heroes Are Here or where ever you get your comics.

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