Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Chrome blocks Google Android Market site



I was about to write a post about the web version of the Android Market and how great it is for installing apps with having to navigate through an interface on your mobile.  Much to my surprise while using Google Chrome I went to and got the above error.

I love the fact that it Chrome this. Google has set up rules to protect people who click malicious links and stuck to them even when it takes traffic away from themselves. 

On the other hand Google should know better than to set its services up in such a way that it breaks there own browsers rules. There is a lot of criticism for Google not have very good communication between it’s project groups, but this could be a bad thing for people who just got into the Google-verse with there new shiny android phone. Someone tells them about and BOOM - BIG YELLOW EXCLAMATION! These things scare the uninitiated.

I love Google’s products and would love to see them all tie together seamlessly but I think that this dream may be a while.

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