Monday, September 20, 2010

Steve Jobs's Flamewar With A College Student

I have thought about buying Apple products in the past but after reading this, there is no way. Jobs just threw away potential thousands of sales at that school.

Steve Jobs's Flamewar With A College Student: "

Usually we praise a CEO for responding directly to customers but Apple's Steve Jobs has made a hobby of talking tough to those who email him at In the latest case, because she couldn't get a quote out of the PR department, a college journalism student took him to task . So he took her to hers, saying 'Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade' and 'Please leave us alone.'

You can read the transcript of two turds throwing themselves at each other over at Valleywag.

Every interaction you have with your customers is a chance to redefine and/or burnish your brand and reputation. Apparently Jobs is concerned that not enough people know that he's ruthless.

Steve Jobs In Email Pissing Match with College Journalism Student [Valleywag]


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