Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GoldsboroGeek Army

Okay, GoldsboroGeeks.  We now have a small army of over 40 fans on facebook.  Let's start spreading the word.  I know there are more than 40 geeks around this small town, I have seen you.  I know that you know each other so spread the word.
I am going to be doing some work this weekend (if Earl doesn't kill the power) on a master GoldsboroGeeks contact list.  It will be a way for everyone to share xbox live, PSN, steam and social media usernames.  Having a small group of friends to play tabletop or video games with is great, the more the merrier.  More opponents mean a bigger challenges.

get in touch with me if you want to see certain things happen with this site

Print the qr code below and leave them around.

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